Thailand Adaptation Information Platform

"T-PLAT: Thailand Adaptation Information Platform, Thailand"

Knowledge on climate change

The climate system is a complex system. Climate change and variation is due to the interaction exchange of matter and energy
The impact of climate change, climate model, projection of greenhouse gas emissions, observation data of the past, present, and future trends of change
Water management, Agricultural and food security, Tourism, Public Health, Natural Resources Management, Human settlement and security, the implementation of cross-cutting sectors

Impact of climate change in Thailand by sector

Increased Water Security and Decreased Losses and Damage from Water-related Disasters

Maintain production quality and food security amidst climate change risks and impacts

Strengthened capacity of the tourism sector towards climate-resilience and sustainable development




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On the 8th of July 2019, the T-PLAT


3rd and the 4th of June 2019


28th and the 31st of May 2019

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