Vision, Mission and Expected outcome



  • National Platform of Thailand climate change risk and adaptation information.


  • Provide information of climate change risks and adaptation and support its effective use in Thailand.
  • Promote capacity development including preparation of the appropriate toolkits for adaptation by various stakeholders in Thailand.
  • Facilitate realization of climate risk-informed adaptation projects in Thailand.

Expected result:

T-PLAT presents the up-to-date and/or latest information through its website:

  • Information on the climate change impact and risks in the sectors mentioned by Thailand’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) which are Water management, Agriculture and Food security, Tourism, Natural resources management, Health, and Human settlement and security;
  • Adaptation programs, projects, measures, and options in the sectors according to the NAP and;
  • Technical, approaches, best practice, and tools for cap for climate change adaptation together with the information of support for capacity building, technology, financial, news and activities related to Thailand’s climate change adaptation.
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